Pine-Pro Hobby Express Log Cabin Bird Feeder Kit

Decorate them to adorn your house, put them in your garden for the birds to enjoy, or give them as a gift to friends or family members. This wooden kit is easy-to-assemble and makes a perfect Scout, Church, or family project. Includes 8 wooden pieces; Complete with nails; and Clear easy-to-follow instructions. NOTE: Sandpaper, paint and glue is NOT included.

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Misdemeanor Valentine's Day Funny Greeting Card

Do you need to send someone a funny card? Do your friends love funny jokes? NobleWorks is your Humor Company! In business for over 30 years, NobleWorks is always publishing funny birthday cards, funny Christmas cards, naughty birthday greetings, naughty holiday cards, and funny cards for all occasions. NobleWorks is a print-on-demand company, printing only what you order. Noble Works is dedicated to reducing waste while keeping you laughing. With designs by Tim Whyatt, Tom Cheney, Leo Cullum, Daniel Collins, Stan Eales, Glen Hanson, Ephemera, Last Kiss, Dan Reynolds, Chris March, Glenn McCoy, Gary McCoy, Liza Donnelly, John Callahan, Weekly World News, and others, you're sure to find a card for your loved one. Featured lines include Talk Bubbles, Planet Fabulous, Mortal Sins, Cartoons, Passive Aggressive, Rabbit Ears, Funny Paper, and Happy Thoughts. You'll even find political jokes, funny poems, retro humor, vintage-style designs, and just about everything under the sun. Enjoy!

Card's inside greetings: Happy Valentine's Day.
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