I Can Play Guitar: SpongeBob Surf's Up! Software

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I Can Play Guitar makes learning to play as easy and fun as playing a game. In three easy steps, kids can be playing the guitar like a real rock star! Music comes to life in fun video-game-like environments featuring kids' favorite characters. Using the customized guitar (sold separately) that plugs right into your home TV, learning guitarists will find activities with easy-to-follow, color-coded "notes" to play. Includes one software cartridge featuring six songs, one game and a "Jam Session" mode. Additional cartridges sold separately. For use with the I Can Play Guitar Learning System, sold separately. Cartridge measures 2.23" x .68" x 3.25".

What Teens Need But Can't Quite Say

School & Education
What Teens Need but Can’t Quite Say provides a contemporary perspective on improving communication and interaction with teenagers. Unlike the more common top-down academic perspectives, this book is built bottom-up using the teen’s side of the story as a reflective guide for parents and teachers to understand various issues that shape the lives of adolescents today. Interactive and easy to understand, the book proposes 6 Tunes with concrete action items to help resonate with teenagers (spend time wisely; create happy memories; be mentors; provide love, praise and support; help gain external and internal awareness) that are powerful and practical tools for empowering teens to cope with their internal coming-of-age problems and their not- always-sympathetic environments. The book also offers a reflective methodology called SCALE which is built around five essential criteria (Setting the Stage; Communication; Awareness; Love and Emotional Strength) to help parents and teachers shape their interaction with teenagers. Finally, the book presents powerful expert articles on topics such as Understanding the teen psyche; Realising potential; Supporting teen development; Becoming an effective teacher; Managing Western influences; Experiential education; and Boarding schools. Finally, if there is one useful lesson to be learned from What Teens Need But Can’t Quite Say, it’s that “what teens really need is support (not ‘help’) to help build self-concept”. What Teens Need but Can’t Quite Say is an essential learning guide for parents and teachers in 21st century India.